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All users of U.S. Bullion Reserve are encouraged to read our risk disclosure carefully. Before you decide to invest in precious metals with us, it is crucial to consult a qualified legal, tax, or financial advisor to make an informed decision.

Past Performance and Market Risks

The data presented here are based solely on the past performance of precious metals. Such historical performance is not indicative of future results. Precious metals are subject to market fluctuations and can either increase or decrease in value, significantly affecting the value of your investment.

Assumption of Risk by the Customer

Customers assume all risks associated with their investment decisions. U.S. Bullion Reserve does not promise, guarantee, or predict the outcomes of any investment transaction, including potential profits, tax implications, or consequences. We shall not be liable for any losses incurred due to the investment risks or the advice provided.

Volatility of the Market

Investments in precious metals are subject to market volatility influenced by unpredictable factors such as supply and demand dynamics, national and international monetary policies, economic conditions, inflation, and other market forces. Customers acknowledge this volatility and the potential impact on the value of their investments. Investments in precious metals typically do not yield immediate returns and are not recommended for individuals without a stable source of income.

Long-Term Investments

Precious metals are considered long-term investments, often held for five to ten years or more. Customers are advised to invest capital that can be spared over such periods. U.S. Bullion Reserve cannot be held accountable for losses incurred beyond the intended investment duration.

Disclaimer - Liability for Damages

U.S. Bullion Reserve will not be responsible for losses resulting from market fluctuations, government actions, force majeure events (e.g., war, labor disputes, terrorism, acts of God, embargos), or any unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.

Transactions Involving Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

While U.S. Bullion Reserve strives to comply with all applicable federal laws governing IRAs, we are not liable for any adverse consequences arising from decisions that may violate IRA rules and regulations. Customers are advised to seek guidance from legal or independent financial professionals regarding the implications of holding precious metals within an IRA.

Guarantee of No Refunds

All transactions, including the purchase and sale of precious metals, are final. Exchanges or returns of purchased items are not permitted, and refunds will not be issued. Customers bear the responsibility for inspecting all received products. Should there be any dissatisfaction with the product's quality, customers must contact U.S. Bullion Reserve within 15 days, providing proof of any claims, such as damage or tampering. In such instances, U.S. Bullion Reserve will endeavor to replace the affected item with an equivalent piece matching the original grade, type, and denomination.

Contacting U.S. Bullion Reserve

For inquiries or further information regarding this disclosure, please contact us at:

Email: [email protected]

Postal Address: U.S. Bullion Reserve, 8484 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 502, Beverly Hills, CA 90211