What is a Silver IRA?

Silver IRAs are self-directed individual retirement accounts backed by physical silver instead of stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. Precious Metal IRAs (such as a Silver IRA) have hedge against inflation which is essential for asset protection. Since the U.S. got off the 'Gold Standard' in 1971, the Federal Reserve has been recklessly printing money making a Silver Backed IRA an excellent investment and asset protection strategy.

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Silver IRA Rollover

The process of converting an existing retirement plan to a Silver IRA is known as a Silver IRA Rollover. There is a 60 day time limit to withdraw funds from your existing retirement plan and complete a deposit into your Silver IRA to qualify for a tax-free and penalty-free Silver IRA Rollover. Silver IRA Rollovers require you to have an existing retirement plan such as a 401(a), 401(k), 403(b), or a Thrift Savings Plan (TSP).

Silver IRA Transfer

The process of transferring an existing Individual Retirement Account (IRA) to a Silver IRA is known as a Silver IRA Transfer. Silver IRA Transfers are tax-free and penalty-free and require you to have an existing IRA such as a Traditional IRA, Simple IRA, Roth IRA or an HSA IRA.

Silver IRA FAQs

How do I set up a Silver IRA?

To set up a Silver IRA you must have an established account with a custodian that is federally approved to handle physical precious metals. The next step is to buy eligible silver (such as Silver Bullion and/or Silver Proofs) for your Silver IRA.

How do I buy silver for my Silver IRA?

Buying silver for your Silver IRA requires collaboration with an eligible Precious Metals Dealer for a better understanding of availability, pricing, and making your purchase.

What kind of silver can I put in my Silver IRA?

You can put Silver Bullion that is .999 in purity in your Silver IRA. American Silver Eagles are also eligible to be placed in your Silver IRA.

Silver IRA

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